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We are unique because of our experience. We have the latest teaching techniques in singing, with which renowned artists have been trained in the industry. We start from the base of training singers and guiding them respecting their style or helping them to find it, and repertoire to your vocal qualities and to all ages and levels. We also have test preparation and vocal rehabilitation.

While most academies offer classes of 30-40 minutes, group and at exaggerated prices, or boring singing sessions not adapted to current music with facilities that leave much to be desired, we where you will learn a recognized vocal technique with our unique method that we have designed over the years, and we will get a repertoire adapted to you.


You will have first-rate professional facilities, and you will be the first to know about the casting and auditions, you will also have available to rent our

​​Go ahead and come and meet us, you can get to know the school, the teachers and decide if you want to train with us. You will find at Sudbury School of Dance and Voice the teachers and the team that do the vocal coaching of artists and contestants of programs like among others;


The student will have one class per individual week (4 classes per month on average) for a fixed monthly price.


LYRICS SINGING: Studying classical singing with one of our singers practicing teachers of lyrical works

MODERN SONG: For students who seek to learn to sing the songs we hear every day from our favorite artists

VOCAL REHABILITATION: For voice professionals (teachers, singers, lawyers …) who have had or have an injury, or simply want to learn to handle their instrument.

PREPARATION OF ACCESS TESTS: To prepare for exams and enter musical institutions, with a 100% success rate.


We personalize our unique method and teach the students ways to sing correctly in their style (modern, lyrical, pop, rock R&B, etc.

​Each teacher is specialized in a specific style, we are characterized by being specialists in modern singing, but we also have teachers who offer lyrical and other styles.