Dancing at Home | 7 Types of Dance that You can Practice at Home

There are times when we cannot go to the dance academy, perhaps due to the restrictions we are experiencing, lack of time, or even embarrassment. But you can still dance at home! Don’t stop moving your skeleton and take good note of this list of dances that you can do without leaving your shelter.

How to dance at home? With these dances!

Thanks to the internet and multiple online classes, like the ones we teach in our academy, dancing at home is easier than ever. These are some of the dances that you can practice.


The advantage of ballet is that you can do many of the more technical movements with a chair, table, or whatever else you have at home. Although this is a complicated discipline that you will get more out of with face-to-face classes, you can always practice the most basic movements at home.

Of course, keep in mind that ballet is the top of dance, and you need self-discipline and perseverance to obtain results.

Jazz to dance at home

This style is fun and energetic, it will help you burn calories and get in shape! Of course, since it is a dance with twists and jumps, you will need to have enough space at home, at least a terrace or a large room.

Dancing at home Hip Hop

This urban dance is easily danced at home, as it mixes rhythmic music with energetic movements. It’s a great style for getting in shape and learning versatile dance. 

Modern dance

The contemporary dance contains various dance styles but always focuses on connecting the mind with the body through movement. The advantage is that it is free, and once you know a few steps, you will dance it easily.


If you live as a couple and would like to do some activity together, dancing at home may be a good idea. Tango is a dance discipline that requires rapport, elegance, subtlety, and mobility. Do you dare to try it?

Latin dance

Whether you live alone or as a couple, any of the Latin dances can become your best activity to practice at home. There are many of them that can be danced online, such as salsa and merengue, and others that are best danced in pairs, such as bachata. The one you choose is sure to quench your thirst for dance. In addition, all of them suppose an aerobic and fun exercise.

Ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing wide and varied, so it offers many opportunities to learn with your partner or roommates. Why not set up friendly competitions via videoconference? Some can even be learned for weddings and other special events. Do you dare to try?