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We have a wide variety of dance styles, for all ages and different levels. Our goal is not only to train future professional dancers but that everyone can enjoy the dance. It doesn’t take a professional to find the artist in all of us. This is possible thanks to our great team, international teaching staff with great experience and capable of getting the best out of each one.

The dance classes that we offer are indicative, since in some cases they may vary according to the needs of the school, but we try to keep them always updated. The prices also vary according to the number of hours and the chosen disciplines. Therefore, for more detailed and complete information, do not hesitate to contact us by phone, through our e-mail or, even better, to visit us at the school. We will wait for you!

Dance Classes in Atlanta


  • Ballet adults and children
  • Contemporary dance
  • Claque
  • Flemish
  • Spanish dance
  • Creative dance for children ages 3 to 5
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Castanets
  • Pilates
  • Pilates for dancers
  • and more…



Image result for dance classesWe often forget that art, both music, and dance, is a physical activity. Unfortunately, many teachers (and even great artists) only care about the end result, no matter how that result is reached. This causes the body to be used less efficiently, more tension is generated and in the long term, it can even cause pain and muscle problems. Our teachers are always attentive to knowing the limits of each student and will help them overcome them, not artificially force them.

In addition, for those dance lovers who dance on a regular basis, or for professional or semi-professional dancers, we offer a unique discipline: Pilates for dancers. Only a dancer knows first-hand what are the most common problems in his profession. With this class we get the dancers to continue deepening their knowledge of the body, we prevent potential problems and injuries, and we help to develop the necessary qualities for dancing (strength, flexibility, and relaxation).


Festivals are a very important element in the training of the student. They provide the interpreter, the dancer, and the musician with the necessary experience to acquire security, confidence, naturalness, and stage presence for their artistic development. In addition, they are a magnificent opportunity to enjoy the performances of other students and teachers and to expand knowledge in terms of styles, genres, aesthetic movements, composers, etc. At Sudbury School of Dance and Voice, apart from the quarterly music auditions in our own center, we hold an annual festival every end of the year, in a cultural center.