Sudbury School of Dance and Voice is a privately owned Music and Dance School, located in Atlanta. It is aimed at teaching music and dance studies to students, without limitation of age. We seek to deepen in music and dance, through the joyful practice of these disciplines, influencing the integral formation of the person and their relationship with others, enhancing the communicative dimension of these studies, which go beyond the mere acquisition of technical skills. In this way, the school will be a training and cultural dissemination center, the origin of amateur groups, and a pool of future professionals, without the objectives of an open and living model being exhausted.


Our objectives


We are professionals dedicated to teaching Music and Dance, not only as another teaching but as a philosophy of life, a way of being, a Universal Language, with which people of different races and countries can communicate with each other. And expressing all your feelings and emotions to others. For all this, day by day, we try to make music something easier to reach, easier to understand and that is much closer to the whole of society.
Our specific objectives are:

  • Encourage from childhood the knowledge and appreciation of music and/or dance, initiating children, from an early age in their learning.
  • Offer to teach aimed at both individual and group practice.
  • Encourage students’ interest in participating in vocal, instrumental, or dance groups.
  • Organize public performances and participate in amateur musical activities.
  • Develop a wide and diversified offer of music education without age limit.
  • Guide those cases in which the special talent and vocation of the student advise their access to professional career education, providing, in each case, the adequate preparation to access said education.
How do we get it?

We think that the teaching of music has to be active, individualized, and joint. The student must participate as far as possible, within the knowledge acquired and their interpretive faculties, as well as their intuition, in the creation of musical works, in acting and interpretation in concerts, and also in the social relationship with his teammates.