5 Tips to Fight Against the I CAN’T Perception

The “I can’t” is something typical at a generational level. Young people have this problem. They have incredible abilities, they are very well prepared and yet many people express frustration and discouragement when facing the world of work. “They are barriers imposed by the person and I am very concerned since they prevent people from achieving their goals,” explains Silvia Barba. Our teacher gives us these five tips with which to leave the complexes behind and evolve professionally.

  1. You have to believe in yourself:

Many young people have low self-esteem. It is essential that we meet with ourselves from time to time, not to feel sorry for ourselves, but to understand that we really have everything to achieve our goals. If we believe in ourselves, we will go as far as we want. “If you don’t believe in yourself, don’t expect anyone to do it,” the journalist says.

  1. Think positive:

Stop emphasizing your negative qualities and start highlighting what is positive about you. Little by little, you will begin to love yourself more and more. The globality of the world makes us look only at the tallest, the most handsome, the richest … and we think “Bah, I’m never going to get there”. We have to leave this behind, free ourselves from complexes and start trusting ourselves. We must see all the good we have and analyze what we lack to achieve our goals, replacing our deficiencies with all our qualities.

  1. The sum

The sum of many things, together with perseverance and work, will make you shine. Silvia gives us the example of the soccer player Raúl González: “It was not a 10 in anything, neither in the auction, nor in uncheck, nor physically… But he valued everything he had and said, I’m going to add it all up and give my best. And so, joining forces, he became one of the best players in history ”. Let’s think about everything we have and transform it into a “super us”.

  1. Being does not matter so much but looks

Barba tells us that this slogan is something that soccer player Xavi Hernández always tells him. “You have to sell joy, the concept that with me everything will be easier,” he explains. We all have moments of the downturn, but you have to try to hide them. He insists that “if they see you weak they will come after you. Even if you are wrong, never show it. You have to sell yourself, be different in something and teach it to everyone”.

  1. Clear things up and fight for it.

If you have a goal: to be an announcer, a voice actor, a journalist, a film director, etc., however complicated it may be, bet everything to achieve it. “I stayed hours and hours, being a trainee, in the sports city. Everyone told me that I was wasting my time, but that’s how I made myself known and got many contacts. I never thought that I could call the players to give me news and now I can contact anyone by WhatsApp, ”says Barba. The journalist insists that she is not a 10 at all, except in loving herself. She has always had things very clear, and with effort and sacrifice, she has managed to be one of the most important sports reporters in the country. Silvia leaves us one last piece of advice to help us succeed in everything we set out to do: “In these professions, you have to die killing.”