What People Say About Sudbury Education

The following are testimonials from students, parents, and graduates on the benefits of a Sudbury education.


“I’m learning things all the time. A lot of stuff. I’m constantly learning tons and tons of things.” – Student, 10, The Clearwater School

“I judge whether my day is productive by how much I learn, how much I’ve got done, and whether I do something worth doing” – Alison Everett, 17, Fairhaven School

“…it’s really challenging, but also extremely enjoyable. You are challenged to think for yourself and you are challenged with the charge of responsibility for your own choices, as well as for the governance of the school, which you are unlikely to gain in any other school system.” – Cassie, 17, Tallgrass Sudbury School

“I have learned that I can fulfill my dreams because I could just stay focused on what really matters instead of learning things that I didn’t really want to — that wouldn’t help me out in the real world.” – Dylan, 13, Hudson Valley Sudbury School

“The strongest belief I have is that all people have the ability to think for themselves, and should have the opportunity to make the definitive decisions about their lives.” – Jamie Rebecca Tyrell, The Circle School

“…you’ll see friendships between people who have years difference between them, like best friends who are four or five years apart, which is really cool…You don’t get a lot of exclusion. People tend to pair off based on what they’re doing, as opposed to who they are.” – Rose, 18, Diablo Valley School

“You don’t just learn; you also learn how to learn. Really, you can take [any class] or create anything you want here.” – Student, Alpine Valley School


“Even in the first week of my son and daughter attending Alpine Valley, there was a noticeable change. I’d pick them up at school and they’d be engaged in this passionate conversation about something that had happened at the school that day. What they were talking about was what had happened at that day’s Judicial Committee meeting; really, they were arguing politics.” – Parent, Alpine Valley School

“…The school and family that is Sego Lily gave [my daughter] the gift of success and for that I will be forever deeply grateful.” – Parent, Sego Lily School

“I can’t say enough in support of the Fairhaven approach to designing a school. The character and culture at Fairhaven breathe life into children and give them the right to be human beings, respected, loved, and listened to… Where else could [my son] attend a school where his voice was of equal importance to anyone else’s and where he could learn to use this voice?” – Parent, Fairhaven School

“I know how hard it is get used to idea of this type of school, and I have spent a lot of time explaining the philosophy to our skeptical family and friends, but the proof is in our kids. The truth is that when you send you child to the HVSS, you don’t put your trust in the school, you are putting your trust in your child. They know how to learn and they know what they want to learn. Why not let them? Something amazing might happen.” – T. Xiques, Hudson Valley Sudbury School


“I went to the Hudson Valley Sudbury School for 2 years, and let me tell you those were the best 2 years of my high school life. Sudbury is such a unique learning environment, and it had a huge impact on who I am today.” – Nami Bates, Hudson Valley Sudbury School

“I am very happy I went to Sudbury Valley, and feel that if I hadn’t, I never would have finished high school or gone to college.” – Graduate, Sudbury Valley School

“My experiences at Fairhaven taught me how to promote myself, which enables me to get work consistently. Fairhaven also helped me transition into adulthood easily. It was at Fairhaven that I learned what it means to do things on my own terms, which is essential.” – Richard Morris, Fairhaven School

“In my work, my genuine interest and self-motivation have caught the attention of my supervisors. They’ve complimented me on the confidence and initiative I’ve showed, the way I’ll take a project and run with it, asking for help when needed. My time at AVS had a tremendous amount to do with making this a natural habit.” – Graduate, Alpine Valley School

“As a young EMT, the ability I learned at Highland to interact with different age groups and be responsible allowed me to gain the confidence and trust of both my co-workers and patients.” – Graduate, The Highland School

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