School meeting agenda items

First day of year THREE a success!

On Tuesday,  September 2, our wonderful community was reunited.  Most of our students from last year came back, plus a couple new “littles” finally got their wish and are now able to come every day (instead of just visits to Little Leeway twice a month).  

We had a great summer in our new building on Cherokee, but it just wasn’t the same as school.  Without a peer group, it is much more difficult to learn personal responsibility.  It certainly reinforced our convictions to the Sudbury model of education.  We did meet some new friends over the summer, ate some delicious treats made from our garden, and we started building a shade barn in our back yard!

One of our new friends, Erica Vuilleumier spent a week with us at camp.  She is a vice principal at a public school in Illinois.  It was so fun to share the bounty of our gardens with her and talk at length about Leeway.  She has since generously donated enough money for us to buy a piano for the school AND get it tuned!  Thank you Erica!

We sure are excited to see what the new year brings.  

School starts next week!

We are fast approaching the beginning of our third year. Hope everyone had a fun summer and are ready to come back to school on September 2nd. Our hours will remain the same as last year, 8:30 to 3:30.

Hope you can also join us this Saturday for our special event. Check out the events calendar for details.

I can’t wait to see everyone!

The poppies

I wanted to post a picture of our poppies that I talked about in the previous post. Feel free to stop by to see our garden for yourself. May your life be beautiful!

Red Poppy


Purple Poppies







Summer camp is fun!

This week it’s all about textiles. We have 3 sewing machines on hand, lots of different patterns, fabrics, ribbons, and yarn. Also stuffing for making various cute creatures, dolls and animals.  Everyone contributes to what is going on. Kids are free to create whatever they want, whether that is using a pattern or making some wild string octopus. I think I want to make something wild and colorful and completely spontaneous! I will use various colorful fabrics, strings, stuffing, scissors, needle and thread and perhaps a permanent marker. I have a vague image of a far away fairy land that will guide me as I am making my creation. What would you create?

Julia and Rose

Last week we had organic gardening and yoga week. Our front yard garden is truly amazing! We have melons, pumpkins, watermelons, sunflower seeds (unbelievably delicious!), squash, wild strawberries and lots of pretty flowers!  We had this cabbagy looking plant we had no idea about. We were close to getting rid of it, when we realized it was actually a beautiful poppy plant! We are now enjoying bright red and purple poppies, thank you Mother Nature!

But I think the most amazing thing about last week was our chrysalis journey! After we planted several milkweeds a few months ago, we’ve been observing many monarch butterflies come and go. One of them got named, Smoky. We believe it was Smoky’s egg that turned into a striped caterpillar and was hanging around eating milkweed leaves for a week or so.  And then the caterpillar was gone! Oh no! Did a bird eat it? Maybe.

One day, a bunch of kids were playing with large wooden spools, walking on them in a circus act type thing. One of the spools was in the front yard and when they went over there to get it, that’s when our caterpillar re-appeared! Except it was a bright green chrysalis hanging on the wooden spool. Needless to say, that spool was not to be used for circus acts for a while. It was now being protected as a birthing place. Every day (or more), kids and staff were checking on the little green hanging bag. It looked unchanged for a good 2 weeks.

    Chrysalis almost done

And then one morning last week, it was black! Oh no, said Becky, it is dead! Was our chrysalis really dead? No. We watched it for a few hours that day – first we could see the colors and patterns thru the clear chrysalis and then the butterfly emerged, wrinkled and wet. It was so cool! It’s one thing to watch it on TV. It was almost unreal to see it right in front of your eyes. We named it Beautiful. As soon as Beautiful dried up, she was gone. On to adventures. We researched and decided she was a second generation Monarch. Bye bye, Beautiful!

New Butterfly



New Part-time Options

 We are pleased to announce that we have added new part-time options for the 2013-2014 school year!

1 Day: $1,312.50 (1/4 of the full-time tuition)

2 Days: $2,625.00 (1/2 of the full-time tuition)

3 Days: $3,937.50 (3/4 of the full-time tuition)

Visit our tuition page for more details about next year’s options, or apply now!