Children Educate Themselves: Lessons from SVS – A brief overview of Sudbury Valley School.

The Sudbury Model of Education – What makes Sudbury Education unique? A look at responsibility, student-initiated learning, age-mixing, day-to-day operation and outcomes of a Sudbury Education.

Lessons from a Sudbury Education – Two Sudbury staff members look at Sudbury Education from students’ perspectives.

Self-directed learning

The Learning Edge – A look at some of the research on the role of intrinsic motivation, autonomy, and personal interest in learning at a Sudbury school (and in real life).

Classes – A brief look at how classes work at Sudbury schools.

Persistence – Vignettes about how focus and determination are fostered in Sudbury schools.

Children Teach Themselves to Read – Can you really teach yourself to read? A look at some basic principles on self-directed learning.

Kids Learn Math Easily When They Control Their Own Learning – How people of all ages can learn math quickly and easily.

The Value of Play – A series of articles on the definition and importance of play in human development. Part 2, Part 3, & Part 4

ADHD and School – Psychologist Peter Gray looks at why ADHD may be a “school adjustment problem”.


The Natural Environment for Children’s Self-Education – An exploration of how Sudbury schools act like a hunter-gather band and how that facilitates learning.

Sports – A former student from Sudbury Valley illustrates how different Sudbury schools are when it comes to fostering teamwork, excellence, responsibility and co-operation through sports.

Freedom from Bullying: How a School Can Be a Moral Community – Psychologist Peter Gray looks at why Sudbury schools are good at eliminating bullying.

Why We Should Stop Segregating Children by Age – An in-depth exploration of the many educational benefits of mixed-age grouping. Part 2 & Part 3


Afterword – An summary of the in-depth interviews conducted with Sudbury Valley alumni on what they learned from their experiences there.

What Difference Does Sudbury Education Make? – A look at some of the qualities nurtured in a Sudbury school.


Don’t You See I Don’t Have Time for This? – A mother’s article about how learning for someone else can hold us back even at a young age.

The Challenges and Rewards of Trusting Children - On the importance of trusting children to educate themselves.

Other resources

You may find more articles and other educational materials, such as books and CD’s, from Sudbury Valley School.