• What if there was no limit to what you could learn?

  • What if we created communities where everyone's voice counted?

  • What if schools nourished everyone's unique learning styles?


We are a small non-profit private school in the Normal Heights neighborhood of San Diego. Leeway was founded in 2012 modeled after the Sudbury Valley School.  We enroll students aged 4 – 18 throughout the year, and offer many scholarships.   Every person who wants to learn in freedom, should have the opportunity.

Students determine their own curriculum as dictated by their natural interests.  Staff serve as a resource, helping only upon request.  Students are trusted to know what is best for them and to learn from their experiences.  Personal responsibility is of the utmost importance to our whole community.  All rules, budget matters, and staffing decisions are voted on by our students and staff as equals.  Ours is a true educational alternative for San Diego families.

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